Belajar Bahasa Inggris Gratis - Kali ini admin share pelajaran terbaru mengenai Contoh Teks Analytical Exposition Beserta Generic Structure. Pelajaran genre ini merupakan pelajaran Bahasa Inggris yang biasanya mulai dikenalkan di tingkat/ jenjang Sekolah Menengah Atas (SMA). Analytical Exposition adalah teks opini atau uraian gagasan penulis untuk membujuk para pembaca dengan disertai argumen-argumen yang sesuai atau dianggap benar oleh penulis (Baca juga : Contoh Teks Hortatory Exposition). Langsung saja, admin akan mencoba membahas materi ini secara lengkap mulai dari pengertian/ definisi, tujuan, generic structure, dan contoh teksnya.


A. Pengertian (Definition)

Analytical Exposition adalah uraian gagasan dari penulis tentang kejadian/ fenomena yang ada disekitarnya.

B. Tujuan (Purpose)

  1. Untuk meyakinkan para pembaca atau pendengar bahwa ada sesuatu yang layak untuk mendapatkan perhatian.
  2. Untuk menganalisa sebuah topik dan meyakinkan atau membujuk pembaca bahwa pendapat dari penulis benar dengan didukung argumen-argumen.

C. Struktur Umum (Generic Structure)

  1. Thesis : Mengenalkan topik dan menunjukkan posisi pembicara atau penulis dan berisi garis besar argumen yang akan disampaikan atau presentasikan.
  2. Arguments : Berisi poin yang menyatakan argumen utama dan poin elaborasi yang mengembangkan dan mendukung setiap poin utama dari argumen.
  3. Conclusion : Disebut juga reiterasi (penyajian kembali) yang berisi kesimpulan kembali dari argumen yang sudah dijelaskan.

D. Ciri-Ciri Bahasa (Language Features)

  1. Fokus pada generic human/ non human participants
  2. Menggunakan mental processes guna menyatakan apa yang penulis rasakan.
  3. Menggunakan Material processes
  4. Menggunakan Relatioal Processes
  5. Menggunakan Simple Present Tense
  6. Menggunakan Internal Conjunction untuk menyatakan argumen
  7. Menggunakan Casual Conjunction

E. Contoh Text Analytical Exposition Bahasa Inggris

Setelah anda mempelajari pengertian, tujuan, struktur umum dan ciri-ciri bahasanya. Saatnya admin memberikan beberapa contoh dari Teks Analytical Exposition. Silahkan dibaca 2 contoh teks Analytical Exposition Tentang Sampah dan Alam dibawah ini kemudian cobalah analisis struktur umum (generic structure) dan juga ciri-ciri bahasanya (language features).


Much of what we throw away could be used again. Recycling puts "garbage" to good use. Recycling helps preserve precious resources because it saves on the use of raw materials and energy. It also reduces the pollution
caused when the waste is dumped.

Glass can be remelted. This is better than making fresh glass from raw materials, but it is even better to reuse the bottle whole. Metals can be recycled by being remelted and then used to make other new items. The metals to recycle from an ordinary household are aluminum and steel from cans. Scrap from cars gives several different metals for recycling

Paper is easy to recycle. Every home and office should have a paper reclining routine. Plastics are the worst problem because they do not biodegrade (breakdown) easily. They are also hard to recycle and cause harmful pollution when burned. It is important to use as little plastics as possible, and then only ones that are recyclable or biodegradable. (Taken from Natural Resources, 1993)


Rain forests are one of the most complicated environments on Earth. They are recognised worldwide as containing the richest source of plants and animals and are believed to contain nearly three-quarters of all the varieties of life on Earth. This is remarkable because rain forests cover only about six per cent of the Earth's land surface.

Rain forest are the oldest major ecosystem, having survived climate changes for more than one million years. They provide habitats for more species of plants, animals, insects and birds than any other environment found on our planet. Scientists estimate that between 60 and 90 per cent of all species of life are to be found in rain forests. Unfortunately, the widespread destruction of many of the world's rain forests has caused a significant decline in the number of plant and animal species on Earth.

Rain forests influence both our local and global climates. For example, between 50 and 80 per cent of the moisture in the air above rain forests comes from the rain forest's trees. If large areas of these lush rain forests are cleared, the average rainfall in the area will drop. Eventually, the area's climate will get hotter and drier. This process could convert rain forests into a sparse grassland or desert.

Rain forests are also able to absorb over 90 per cent of the rainfall in their leaves and mosses. By doing this, they are able to slow down water run-off by
gradually releasing the water over time into streams and rivers. This helps to control soil erosion and flooding.

Rain forests are vital to the Earth in helping to recycle carbon and oxygen. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the gas put into the air globally by humans, mainly by the burning of fossil fuels (for example in cars and factories). Rain forests are able to remove carbon dioxide from the air and return oxygen in its place. This
is why our global rain forests are often
called the Earth's ‘lungs'.

Rain forests are major producers of the Earth's oxygen. In fact, scientists believe that nearly 50 per cent of the Earth's oxygen is produced by rain forest in the Amazon region alone. Nearly 40 per cent of the world's carbon is contained in the trees of the rain forests. As rain forests are cut down and burned, carbon dioxide is released into the Earth's atmosphere. Eventually, as this gas builds up the atmosphere, leading to what scientists call the enhanced greenhouse effect.

To sum up, the role of the rain forest is essential for human life. It creates equilibrium in our environment and its resources are significant for human beings survival.
(Taken from SOSE: Studies of Society and Environment, 2000)

F. Contoh Text Analytical Exposition Beserta Generic Structure

Sekarang admin kasih contoh teks Analytical Exposition Tentang Kesehatan yang disertai analisis struktur umumnya. Perhatikan teks dibawah ini yang berjudul "Access to Clean Water: A Problem for Indonesia".


Access to clean water is one of Indonesia's biggest problem. According to the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) Report 2007, published by the National
Development Planning Board, piped water is accessible to 30.8 per cent of households in the country's cities and 9 per cent in its villages. Such figures show the limitations of the municipality's water service provider, PDAM.

Lack of investment in clean water is one reason PDAM gives for its limited outreach. Based on a government statement, to meet the MDGs target by 2015, Indonesia needs Rp43 trillion (US$4.6 billion) in clean water funding. The government currently provides Rp500 billion.

In order to close the funding gap, the government expects private investment in drinking water infrastructure.

The need for clean water funding is something that cannot be covered by private investment. In Indonesia, most PDAM utilities have small scales of economy and are therefore unattractive to investors.

There is no evidence to suggest private investors will improve the efficiency and effectiveness of water services, whereas the government has a duty to do so.

Increasing public funding for clean water infrastructure is the most rational approach for Indonesia. This effort should begin with an analysis of the needs of locals. This should be done through a democratic and participatory process.

There are resources and mechanisms the government could employ to increase clean water funding, such as state and local budgets, grants, government bonds and community-public partnership. (Taken from The Jakarta Post, April 5, 2008)

Setelah anda membaca teks diatas, coba perhatikan teks yang diberi warna pada setiap paragrafnya. Paragraf yang berwarna orange adalah Thesis. Paragraf yang berwarna merah adalah arguments. Paragraf yang berwarna purple adalah conclusion. 

Mungkin cukup sekian pembahasan admin mengenai contoh-contoh teks Analytical Exposition. Tunggu pelajaran selanjutnya, dan jangan lupa follow fanpage blog ini untuk memudahkan anda menerima informasi terbaru .


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