Teks Narrative adalah teks yang menceriterakan sesuatu yang imajinatif atau khayalan belaka. Tujuan dari teks tersebut untuk menghibur para pembaca. Dalam menceriterakan kejadian-kejadian yang ada dalam cerita Naratif kita menggunakan The Simple Past Tense. Teks Narrative biasanya diawali dengan adverbs of time seperti : long time ago, once upon a time, one day, long ago, dll. Setelah selesai membaca teks Narrative diharapkan para pembaca dapat memetik nilai moral yang ada dalam cerita tersebut. Untuk mengetahui nilai moral sebuah cerita dapat dilakukan dengan cara pahami dulu paragraf dari akhir sebuah cerita karena terkadang nilai moral sebuah cerita tersurat di bagian akhir bacaan. Apabila nilai moral tidak tersurat dalam teks, pahami alur ceritanya, apa yang dilakukan oleh tokoh utama untuk menyelesaikan masalahnya serta hasil akhir yang diperoleh. 

Struktur teks Narrative

  1. Orientation [ pendahuluan]: memperkenalkan tokoh-tokoh dalam cerita, latar, dan waktu.
  2. Complication : munculnya permasalahan diantara tokoh-tokoh tersebut.
  3. Resolution : Masalah dapat diatasi.
  4. Re-orientation : [ optional ]

Ciri-ciri teks Narrative
  1. Menggunakan past tenses,
  2. Biasanya dimulai dengan adverbs of time [ kata keterangan waktu] seperti long time ago, once upon a time, in faraway land,
  3. Menggunakan kata hubung [ conjunction ], seperti then, after that, before.

Contoh teks

"Babu and the Lion"

One day, there was a slave whose name was Babu. His master was very, very, bad. You know, he often punched Babu and did not offer him food for days. Poor Babu ! So he escaped into a forest and slept in a cave.

Next morning, he heard a load roar. In front of him...., at the mouth of the cave ..., was a very big lion. You see, Babu was scared to death! kind of scary , isn't it? But he could not escape.

But the lion didn't attack him. it was time. There was a large thorn in its right front foot. The lion looked at Babu. It seemed to say something like : " Please help me. It's very painful. "Babu walked bravely to the lion turned out to be friends.

"Snow White"

Long ago, in the Neverland, there lived a very beautiful princess, Snow White. The Queen was her step mother. She was very jealous of her beauty. So she wanted her to die. 

Snow White knew about the evil plan. She escaped into a forest. There she made friends with seven dwarfs.

The queen turned Snow White into a witch. Snow White did not realize it. The witch gave her a poisoned apple. As a result, Snow White was put into sleep for years.

Fortunately, in the end, Prince charming revived her with a kiss. They lived happily ever after.

Once upon a time there was a beautiful place called Neverland where Peter Pan and Tinker Bell lived. Not so far from this place is the city of London where John, Wendy and Michael Darling lived. They really loved the story of Peter. One day Peter Pan appeared and asked the children to fly to Neverland. They were excited to see the scenery and beauty of Neverland. Then, they were surprised to know the existence of a cruel pirate called Captain Hook. One day Captain Hook captured Tinker Bell and forced her to show Peter Pan's place. In doing so all Peter's friends, the Darlings were captured and taken to the pirate ship. Captain Hook frightened the children by putting them on the plank.

Suddenly, Peter Pan appeared and stopped everything.In a fierce duel, he threw Hook and all the pirates overboard. Hook was chased away by the crocodile, and nobody cared to save him.
The Darlings were so happy and thankful to Peter Pan. They told Peter their intention to go home. With the sprinkle of Tinker bell's Pixie Dust, Captain Hook's pirate ship was sailing through the skies of Neverland, heading back to the Darling's home in London. 

Happy studying ! 


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