Let's make  mushroom salad. You'll need 0,15 kg white mushroom very fresh, 1 tablespoon lemon juice, pepper, salt, a few chives or parsley, and 4 tablespoons olive oil. Now, Are you ready to make it? Let's start. First, Wash mushrooms and pat dry. Cut off most of stalk. Slice the rest thinly and put in salad bowl. Mix oil with lemon juice, salt and pepper, and beat well. Pour about 2/3 of this dressing over mushroom, stir gently and put aside for an hour. Add rest of dressing and put aside again until most of dressing is absorbed about 1/2 hour. Meanwhile, chop chives or parsley. Sprinkle this over salad and serve.

Kali ini kita TIDAK membahas mengenai pengertian dari procedure text tetapi yang akan kita bahas adalah salah satu ciri bahasa [LANGUAGE FEATURES] yang digunakan dalam procedure text yaitu Kata kerja Bentuk Aksi [Action verb]. Dari contoh procedure text diatas, kata-kata yang dicetak tebal adalah action verb

Action Verbs

Wash = mencuci
Pat dry = mengeringkan
Cut off = memotong
Slice = mengiris
Put in = memasukkan
Mix = mencampur
Beat = kocok
Pour = menuang
stir = mengaduk
Put aside = menyisihkan/ biarkan
Add = menambahkan
Chop = memotong
Sprinkle = menaburkan

Kata-kata action verb diatas sering muncul pada procedure text yang bertujuan 'bagaimana membuat sesuatu' [how to make something] khususnya berbentuk masakan . Contoh lainnya coba perhatikan dibawah ini : 

"How to Charge the Battery of your Cell Phone"
  1. Connect the charger to a wall outlet
  2. Connect the charger to the phone. The battery indicator bar starts scrolling. If not charging is displayed, wait for a while, disconnect the charger, plug it in again, and retry. If charging still fails, contact your dealer.
  3. When the battery is fully charged, the bar stop scrolling. Disconnect the charger from the phone and the wall outlet.

Teks diatas adalah procedure text yang bertujuan 'bagaimana menggunakan sesuatu' [how to use something]. Kata-kata yang dicetak tebal diatas adalah action verb dari teks tersebut :

Connect = menghubungkan
Wait = menunggu
Disconnect = memutuskan
Plug in = menyambungkan
Retry = mencoba kembali
Contact = menghubungi

Simple Exercise

Nah, sekarang coba carilah action verb yang ada dalam procedure text dibawah ini !


Materials needed :

a sheet of heavy paper
a pencil
blunt scissors
a paper clip

Method :

Here's a paper airplane that will fly in circle.

  1. First, fold the paper in half the long way.
  2. Then, draw an airplane with wings and a tail on it.
  3. Next, draw a line about an inch away from the fold on each side the full length of the paper.
  4. Then, cut out the airplane, but do not cut on the fold.
  5. After that, spread out the airplane and color it. You can draw airplane markings near each wing tip.
  6. Next, refold your airplane. Now, fold each wing down along the line drawn on it.
  7. Then add a paper clip to the nose. You can change the way your airplane flies by changing the wing shape and putting more than one paper clip on the nose.

Sampai disini dulu pelajaran mengenai "action verb in procedure text". Lain waktu akan kita bahas kembali language features dari procedure text. Semoga bisa bermanfaat. Selamat belajar !

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