Pernahkah kalian menuliskan pengalaman pribadi tentang kejadian unik, menyenangkan, atau mungkin juga pahit di dalam buku harian? Pengalaman yang tak terlupakan biasanya selalu kita ingat. Dalam pelajaran bahasa Inggris SMP jenis cerita seperti itu disebut Recount text. Teks recount bercerita tentang kejadian/ peristiwa yang telah lampau/ berlalu, biasanya tentang pengalaman pribadi [Recount text is a text written to retell for information or entertainment. A fictional narrative recount may consist of scene-setting, a starting point, a problem, account and a conclusion]. 

Generic structure/ struktur teks

A. Orientation [orientasi] :

Berisi pendahuluan tentang tokoh yang ada dalam cerita tersebut, peristiwa yang terjadi, tempat dan waktu peristiwa itu terjadi.

B. Events :

Berisi jalinan peristiwa atau kejadian yang ada dalam cerita pengalaman tersebut. Bagian ini bisa terdiri atas beberapa even/ peristiwa.

C. Re-orientation :

Berisi tentang rangkuman atau penutup cerita.

Grammatical features/ Ciri-ciri dari teks

A. Menggunakan The Simple Past tense
B. Menggunakan kata hubung [conjunctions], seperti : then, before, after

Contoh Teks

"My Basketball Experience"

When i was in junior high school, I really loved basketball. Every Saturday afternoon I practised in school field with my team and my coach. They were strong and smart players.  My coach, Mr Sentana was a kind person. But, while he was coaching us, he was very discipline. He would grounded anyone who came late and not obeyed the team's rules.

With Mr. Sentana, our team won many tournaments in many big cities. Our team named after our school, 67 Team [from SMP 67] and we had many fans too. Now, I still love basketball and have a team too. But, my parents warn me to pay attention more to study, baskettbal just for hobby.
[English in focus VIII]

"Join a Car Race"
Yusuf went to Marina circuit in the morning to join a car race. He arrived at seven and directly checked up his engine. The race started at eight. At first he led the race, but it wasn't long because suddently another car hit his car from behind. He lost the race and his car was broken. He was very dissapointed.

"Performance Day"

It was Saturday, Augutst 23rd. Our school was holding a special event. It was called the "Performance Day".

At 9 a.m, the event started. Every student was taking part in the event. Some students were joining a chess competition and some others were taking part in face painting. I myself was working with my team. We were doing an experiment with some clay.

The "Performant Day" finished at 2 p.m. We were all happy. We had a good time.

"My Bad Experience"

I had a bad experience when i did shopping because of the shop assistant's fault. However, the security officer of the shop really embarrased me. He accused me of stealing a pair of blue jeans.

That was a Sunday afternoon. I went to a fashion shop with friends. I chose a pair of blue jeans to buy and paid for them at the cashier. Unfortunately, the shop assistant was carelless. She forgot to take the censor clip on the blue jeans. So, when i left the shop, the detector beeped. The security officer shouted at me, "Hey, you ! Stop !". Then, he took me to the manager's room

After examining, the security officer and the manager realized that it was not my fault. They said they were very sorry about what had happened. Finally, the manager asked me to take one piece of clothing for free.
Jika ingin mencoba latihan soal online Recount text silahkan klik disini.

Happy Studying !


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